“Mouse” Valuable Players say “Go Huskies!”

When do mice cheer on huskies? When the University of Washington Women’s Basketball Team goes to the NCAA Final Four, they do!

When the Huskies women represented UW in the NCAA Final Four last month, our fabulous Critter Team volunteers huddled up and realized that our elite team of lady mice wanted in on the action. Here they are dedicating a practice to the Dawgs:

(From left to right: Titanium, Tin and Iodine)

These ladies are not only full of skills and spirit, but also show off their smarts off the court as the “Periodic Table of Elemice.” (See the Small Mammals section on our adoptable animals webpage and you’ll see what we mean.)

Meet our team captains:

  • Titanium: 2.5 inches  tall, enjoys eating lots of greens
  • Tin (aka Tina): 2.7 inches tall, always looking out for her teammates
  • Iodine: 2.3 inches tall, loves working out on the wheel

Dedicated team members, these ladies and the rest of their squad would love to be adopted in pairs. Could you be the new coach they’ve been waiting for?

Learn about all our adoptable athletes by clicking Adopt at seattleanimalshelter.org.