Mayor’s Comprehensive Plan Released This Month

The Mayor’s Comprehensive Plan will be released this month! The Plan is a blueprint for how Seattle will grow over the coming twenty years. Its goals and policies are shaped by four core values: race and social equity, environmental stewardship, economic opportunity and security, and community.

Thousands of people have commented on the plan since late 2013. Some of the big ideas that attracted public comment are proposals to:

  • Guide more future growth to areas within a 10-minute walk of frequent transit
  • Continue the Plan’s vision for mixed-use “urban villages” and “urban centers”
  • Monitor future growth in greater detail, including data about racial disparities
  • Increase the supply and diversity of affordable housing consistent with the Mayor’s Housing Affordable Livability Agenda (HALA)
  • Update how we measure the performance of the city’s transportation and parks systems
  • Integrate the City’s planning for parks, preschool, transit, housing, transportation, City facilities and services
  • Emphasize the need to equitably serve everyone, with special attention to low-income households and people of color


Council will begin reviewing the Mayor’s Plan in May. Check the Planning Land Use and Zoning committee website for details. Follow us on Twitter (@Seattle2035), Facebook (Seattle2035), and check our blog ( to stay up-to-date on the Plan’s progress.