Murray issues statement on guidance to Seattle residents to run water

Today Mayor Ed Murray issued the following statement on the Seattle Public Utilities guidance to run your water for two minutes before drinking or cooking if the water has not been run for more than six hours:

“Over the last 24 hours, Seattle has been watching the unfolding story of water testing results in Tacoma.

“The water systems in Seattle and Tacoma are not connected. Our water comes from protected mountain watersheds in the Cascade Mountains.

“The Seattle water supply is routinely tested for a range of issues. Our test results indicate that Seattle water surpasses all state and federal standards. For decades, we have had in place a comprehensive strategy designed to help keep lead out of the water supply.

“Seattle takes any potential lead exposure very seriously. Out of an abundance of caution, we will be doing additional water quality testing across our system.

“Today Seattle also echoed the Washington State Department of Health regular guidance to let your water run prior to using it for drinking or cooking, again, merely as a precaution.

“We will continue to update Seattle residents on the Seattle Public Utilities website.”