Seattle Animal Shelter encourages owners to license their pets for National Pet ID Week

It’s National Pet ID Week, and the Seattle Animal Shelter is encouraging Seattle pet owners to make sure their dogs, cats, miniature goats and potbellied pigs are licensed. Pet license fees directly support the shelter’s lifesaving work, and licenses quickly help return lost pets to their owners.

Licensed pets that get lost are often spared a trip to the shelter or to a vet when they are found. The Seattle Animal Shelter’s phone number is engraved in the license, and a simple phone call to the shelter will help identify the pet and its owner. Reuniting the pet with its owner becomes a less stressful situation for the pet and keeps shelter resources available for other animals in need. Pet licenses are also visible identification, showing roaming animals as owned and lost, not as a stray that the finder should keep or ignore.

“Pet licenses help lost pets get back home,” said Don Jordan, Seattle Animal Shelter director. “But reuniting lost pets with their families is only the beginning of the benefits of licensing your pet.”

Jordan said that license fees directly support the Seattle Animal Shelter’s lifesaving work. By licensing your pet, he explained, you help the shelter do everything from rehabilitating neglected animals to supporting community events to rescuing injured wildlife to providing affordable spay and neuter surgeries and, of course, helping pets in need find loving homes.

Purchasing a pet license is easy to do – submit your license payment and just a few pieces of information, mainly contact information and a brief description of your pet. Owners can:

License fees for cats and dogs that have been spayed or neutered are $30-$40 for two years. Unaltered cat and dog two-year license fees are $49-$76. Seniors and adults with disabilities may receive a discount by supplying their Seattle Gold or FLASH card number.

Cat and dog owners may also benefit from a monthly “Protect Your Pet” clinic, 3-6 p.m. on the fourth Friday of each month. Seattle residents can bring their cats and dogs to the shelter and receive a free rabies vaccination and/or $15 microchip with the purchase or renewal of the pet’s license. Additional vaccines are $10 each. The Protect Your Pet clinic is held in partnership with Good Neighbor Vet, which provides the vaccination and microchip services in its mobile unit. The next event is this Friday, April 22.

Seattle Municipal Code Section 9.25.050 requires licensing of all cats and dogs in Seattle. For more information or to purchase or renew your pet’s license, please visit or call 206-386-4262. The Seattle Animal Shelter is located at 2061 15th Ave. W. and is open noon to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday, for licensing and adoptions.