Two Killed In Crash After Police Attempt to Stop Carjacked Vehicle In West Seattle

Traffic Collision detectives are investigating after a man in a carjacked vehicle fled from police early Thursday and crashed into another vehicle in the Highland Park neighborhood, killing both drivers.

The incident began with an armed carjacking shortly before 11 PM Wednesday in the 1500 block of South State Street, where three suspects stole a man’s 2002 Honda Accord at gunpoint and fled.

Around 2 AM, an officer on patrol in West Seattle saw the Honda, occupied by one man, near the Southwest Precinct and began following behind while radioing for additional units. When additional officers arrived, the officer activated her emergency lights in an attempt to pull over the Honda.

The suspect fled from police at high speed and collided with another vehicle in the 6800 block of Highland Park Way SW. The other car was driven by an adult male.  The officers attempted to provide life-saving aid to both drivers of the two vehicles and called for Seattle Fire Department medics. Unfortunately, both drivers died at the scene.

Detectives from SPD’s Traffic Collision Investigation Squad are processing the collision scene and have recovered a handgun from the carjacked vehicle.  Robbery Unit detectives are also investigating the initial carjacking incident.

The department’s Pursuit Review Board will conduct a review of the incident following the completion of the investigation.