World Spay Day success story: Miracle, Sweety and Angel

All of our clients who received subsidized spay and neuter surgeries for their pets during World Spay Day week (Feb. 22-26) were appreciative, but there was one client who was over the top with gratitude!

Vicky McMillan, of Auburn, has three very special Pitkita (Pitbull/Akita) pups — “Miracle,” “Sweety” and “Angel.” Last summer, her neighbor’s dog had eight puppies, then developed mastitis. At that point, the owner should no longer let the mother nurse, but was not in a position to hand-raise the pups. Vicky took it upon herself to take in all eight pups and bottle-fed each one.

As she was unemployed, she could devote the time and attention needed to take on this enormous project — each time one round of feeding was done, it was just about time to start again! Vicky, of course, developed close bonds to the pups and ended up keeping four of them.

Fast forward to February 2016. The puppies were 8 months old and it was time to get them spayed and neutered. Although Vicky wanted to do the right thing, she could not afford the spay surgeries. A neighbor watching the news learned of our World Spay Day promotion and alerted Vicky, who called just in time to nab the last three dog slots for surgery.

On the last day of our “Spay Day Week,” we were able to spay “Miracle,” “Sweety” and “Angel” at no charge to Vicky, and her fourth pup, “Jack,” is coming to see us in April for his neuter procedure! We are happy we could help!