Check Out OPCD’s Daily Plan It Blog!

The Office of Planning and Community Development (or OPCD, previously part of Seattle DPD) has a new blog. Check it out!

You may recall the changes to the Department of Planning and Development that took place late last year. One of those changes was the creation of the new Office of Planning and Community Development. Mayor Murray created OPCD to bring together planning work across City departments to help ensure that the City coordinates and implements plans toward a cohesive vision. Seattle is growing rapidly, and we expect that growth to continue – by 2035, we expect 120,000 new residents and 115,000 new jobs. The Mayor’s vision is that OPCD works collaboratively to build thriving communities that support growth in an equitable way; with a mix of amenities, open space, transportation, utilities, affordable housing, and economic opportunity.

Led by interim director Diane Sugimura, OPCD’s work includes comprehensive planning, community research and analysis, community planning, transit-oriented development implementation, and housing policies. If you want to stay in-the-know about long-range planning and community development work in Seattle, the Daily Plan It is the place to go.

For more information about the new office, see this OPCD FAQ provided by the Office of the Mayor.