How do we love the work we do? Let us count the ways.

Our Valentine’s “Meet Your Match” adoption promotion was a rousing success! From Feb. 9-14, we found loving, forever homes for:

  • 19 cats
  • 10 dogs
  • 2 chickens
  • 2 geckos
  • 2 rabbits
  • 1 budgie
  • 1 snake

That’s a grand total of 37 pets who began a lifetime of love with their new families in the past week. We couldn’t be happier for them!

Last week’s success got us thinking about why we love what we do here at the Seattle Animal Shelter. Here are five more examples why:

1. The resilience and sweetness of senior pets.
Big Boy, for instance, is a sweet 11-year-old black and white kitty who came into our care after his owner died. Depressed and withdrawn, he was also rail thin and ill. Now, after some TLC, his foster parent describes him as “chatty and content” and ready to find his perfect retirement home.

2. The joy of community.
We are Seattle’s animal shelter, and we serve our city proudly. Our shelter is home to a spay and neuter clinic that is accessible to anyone regardless of income, and it is a terrific feeling to help families care for their pets this way.

3. Reuniting people and pets.
We do a lot of that! From dog emergencies to cats slipping out the door for an unplanned stroll, our Seattle pet licenses and staff are ready to help. There’s nothing more heartwarming than the joy of a family reuniting with their lost four-legged loved one.

4. The magic of children bonding with pets.
It’s always amazing to see how deeply love grows between young people and their pets. Leopard geckos Rooster and Magpie were just adopted last week, and the children in their new family had grins from ear to ear.

5. Beautiful examples of forgiveness.
Some of the animals we care for have suffered, and that is always sad. Decker, for instance, was found abandoned and starving at a construction site. Luckily, our fabulous humane law enforcement officers, animal care staff, volunteers and foster parents provide animals like him with the love and compassion they need to heal. His love knows no bounds, and we found him a family – who renamed him “Wonder” – that loves him right back.

Bonus #6: Pitbull smiles. Really, happy animal faces in general, but we have to admit – pits take the cake with their extra wide grins and penchant for letting the tongue flop!

Do you love what we do? You can support the Seattle Animal Shelter, too! Be sure to license your cats and dogs, because license information helps keep lost pets home and out of our shelter. That means more resources we can use to help other pets in need. Your license fees also directly support our work, so it’s a win-win!

Thank you for helping us spread the word. Without your support, we couldn’t do this work that we love: helping pets who deserve love.