Murray applauds 2016 increase in Seattle’s minimum wage

Mayor Ed Murray today issued a statement applauding the latest increase in Seattle’s minimum wage during the phased-in implementation to $15 an hour:

“Tomorrow Seattle workers get another raise. When our $15 minimum wage is fully implemented, more than 100,000 workers across the city will benefit. Higher wages will help make Seattle more affordable for everyone who works in the city. Our phased-in approach, developed by labor and business working together, minimizes disruptions – especially to small businesses. I am proud that the Seattle model has been replicated in other cities across the country.”

Seattle’s minimum wage will continue to increase each year on Jan. 1, with the level of the increase dependent on the size of business and whether or not the worker receives healthcare benefits and/or tips. For more details, see the Office of Labor Standards Minimum Wage website.

Workplace poster (English)

Workplace poster (Spanish)