Seattle’s Leadership on Climate Action Continues with Compact of Mayors Compliance

Today Mayor Ed Murray announced Seattle’s full compliance with the Compact of Mayors, a global coalition of city leaders dedicated to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, making urban communities more resilient to climate change and regularly reporting their progress publicly. Compliance with the Compact requires cities to make a public commitment; conduct a GHG inventory; develop a reduction target; and establish an action plan. While the Compact boasts 360 member cities currently, Seattle is just one of 43 members now recognized as “Compact Compliant.”

“Cities are leading the fight against climate change in every region across the globe,” said Murray. “Over the last 20 years, local governments have demonstrated accelerating leadership in tackling climate change, and with this collaboration, the collective impact of this action has finally been quantified. Thanks to the leadership of Seattle and our Compact friends around the world, local governments are spurring greater ambition and action to create a pathway for a better future.”

Compact of Mayors cities and towns have already committed to deliver half of the global potential greenhouse gas emissions reductions from urban sources by 2020. This is particularly important because the pledges under consideration by national governments at the Paris climate talks will not go into effect until 2020.

As one of the key initiatives launched at the UN Climate Summit in September of 2014 by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and his Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change, Michael R. Bloomberg, the Compact of Mayors is the world’s largest global collective effort to date by cities to tackle climate change, proactively prepare for its impacts, and regularly track and report progress.

“The Compact of Mayors reflects the commitment that cities are making to reduce carbon emissions and the crucial role they play in confronting climate change,” said Bloomberg. “The more cities that take part in the Compact, the bigger impact it will have. I applaud all of the mayors who have joined, and look forward to welcoming more cities into our growing coalition.”