Two new poems from Civic Poet, Claudia Castro Luna

Civic Poet Claudia Castro Luna has penned two more poems this fall to add to the city’s growing collection. Enjoy:

A Corner to Love

Maps of this city

number in the thousands

unique and folded

neatly inside each citizen’s

heart. We live in the city

and the city lives in us


November 2nd, 2015


Think of Santos 

— In memory of Santos Rodriguez


Since not anger, not prayers, nor protests

The clock can stop and prevent the bullet

Fired by a half man and his coward hand

And no brotherly love nor mother’s tears

Life into his lifeless body may inject

We who live yet must Santo’s life recall

His narrow shoulders, the milk of his teeth

Remember his tomorrows in each day

In children smiling on their way to school

Cherish and protect the things he didn’t get

When you say his name he lives inside you

Inside me live his truth, his hopes, his dread

So as the moon calls tides from her distant perch

So may one day soon Santos and Justice merge.



Claudia Castro Luna

Seattle’s Civic Poet