Performance to be Held at City Light’s Historic Georgetown Steam Plant

Starting October 24th from 12:00-5:00 pm, Seattle City Light’s historic Georgetown Steam Plant, located adjacent to Boeing Field, will be the site of the choreographed performance project entitled “Study of Time and Motion: Connect/Reposition”

Study of Time and Motion is a collaborative performance project that explores human connection within the modern push towards efficiency. Connect/Reposition is just the second part of the performance series that asks, what impact does our desire for progressive perfection have on human interaction and our relationships with constructed and natural environments?

The performance reactivates motion studies expert Frank Gilbreth’s 18 elemental gestures of efficiency and inefficiency. Inspired by these iconic gestures, performers grasp, position, and reposition objects and themselves with measured cadence. Audience members are both guided and given freedom to navigate through the location to discover movement artists embedded within the plant.