Oct. 15 Parks Buzz: You haven’t been there unless you have a PIC to PROVE it

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@paulkomada1 @ Volunteer Park
“#autumn #bluesky @ Volunteer Park”


@ahiatt @ Discovery Park
“Seattle beach (at Discovery Park / Beach)”


@lisethaiyoga @ Gas Works Park
“After a full day of Bowenwork testing, we sought a state change at Gas Works Park hoping to see some #fourwindscamp folk. #wearenottourists #bowenwork #Bowen”


@sixteentenfresh @ Golden Gardens Park
“Love these two. Last day of their visit. @hallytrem #Seattle”


@suzi123 @ Magnuson Park
“Definitely back in the #pnw. (at Magnuson Park)”


@nicoyuste @ Kerry Park
“Comiendo un heladito… (@ Kerry Park – @seattleparks in Seattle, WA)”


@stirwise @ Volunteer Park
“Good day for the Volunteer Park dahlia garden. #flowers #dahlias @ Volunteer Park Dahlia Garden”


@nomadtravel @ Magnuson Park
“Photo: Master and Hound #magnuson #park #seattle #washington #outdoors #dog http://tmblr.co/ZjxwXx1vw3Pqt”