Finishing touches are coming to Ravenna’s new protected bike lanes

The Seattle Department of Transportation recently upgraded the bike lanes on Northeast Ravenna Boulevard from buffered lanes to protected bike lanes by adding white posts to better separate the bike lane from general traffic. SDOT crews also made improvements at intersections and improved connections with other bike lanes and routes, performing the work over the span of a week, mostly at night. They will return in a few weeks to install bike box markings on the pavement.

These improvements will increase safety for all users:

  • People biking – support people of all ages and abilities riding bikes
  • People walking – separate pedestrians from bicycles
  • People driving – provide predictability within the street

The new protected bike lanes extend along Northeast Ravenna Boulevard from East Green Lake Way North on the west to 15th Avenue Northeast on the east, and along Cowen Place Northeast from University Way Northeast to 15th Avenue Northeast. The protected bike lanes then continue north along the Cowen Park Bridge terminating at Northeast 62nd Street.

Crews marked sharrow symbols along Northeast 62nd Street from 15th Avenue Northeast to 20th Avenue Northeast.

Please see the map on SDOT’s project Web page: