You’re Invited to an Uptown Planning Open House

Please join City staff and members of the Uptown community on the evening of October 8 for an open house about several important initiatives in the Uptown Urban Center.  At the open house, DPD will share information and request feedback on:

  • A Draft Urban Design Framework (UDF) for the Uptown Urban Center.
  • Scoping for an upcoming Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to study possible rezones.
  • A parking study for the entire Uptown Urban Center.


Join us: 

Thursday, October 8
5:30 – 8:00 p.m.
Seattle Center, McCaw Hall
Allen Foundation for the Arts Room
Please enter off Mercer Street

The Urban Design Framework (UDF)

Community stakeholders, DPD, and the Seattle Center have been working together to develop UDF (framework plan) for the neighborhood.  The UDF communicates a vision for the physical development of the neighborhood as it grows, addresses emerging issues and opportunities, and presents possible implementation steps including:

  • Establishing an Arts and Culture District.
  • Increasing the diversity of housing opportunities, housing types and affordability.
  • Supporting development of a multi-modal transportation system that includes high capacity transit, bike, and pedestrian facilities.
  • Addressing a complex parking situation.
  • Using zoning to integrate important neighborhood amenities such as open space, affordable housing, and cultural spaces.
  • Advocating for a school and community center.

In addition to discussing the Urban Design Framework, this meeting is the kickoff to two implementation actions recommended in the Urban Design Framework:  an EIS and a parking study.

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

DPD is preparing an EIS to evaluate increases in building height in the neighborhood.  The UDF recommended increases in height in some locations to improve the urban form of the neighborhood and incentivize public benefits through zoning. Our October 8 meeting will serve as the scoping meeting for the rezone EIS. However, written comments may also be submitted through November 8.

Strategic Parking Study

The October 8 event is also the kickoff for the Seattle Center and Uptown Strategic Parking study. The study will address how to adequately provide parking for Seattle Center while still allowing potential redevelopment of parking structures and lots in the neighborhood.

For additional information:

Jim Holmes, Senior Planner
(206) 684-8372