Council Adopts Bills Advancing Tenant Protection, Affordable Housing Preservation


Council Adopts Bills Advancing Tenant Protection, Affordable Housing Preservation


SEATTLE – Council adopted two bills today that protect tenants and seek to preserve affordable housing in Seattle. The first bill increases the length of time required for certain eviction notices to 90 days (CB 118403). The second gives public agencies increased opportunity to purchase and retain existing affordable housing by requiring 60 days advance notice to those agencies of a pending market sale (CB 118404).

Both bills were sponsored by Council President Tim Burgess, and were initially explored by former Councilmember Sally J. Clark prior to her departure from Council. More information about the bills is available here.

Council President Burgess issued the following statement about the bills’ adoption:

“Today, Council adopted common sense solutions to address Seattle’s increasingly less-affordable housing supply. When affordable housing is slated for destruction, the City should have an opportunity to preserve those units. When people face eviction, they deserve enough time to find new housing in a challenging rental market. These bills adopted today are two of many concrete steps we must take to preserve and enhance Seattle’s supply of affordable housing.”

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