Microsurfacing Preventive Maintenance Roadwork Gets Underway

SDOT Director Kubly Kicks Off 2015 Microsurfacing Program

Today SDOT Director Scott Kubly highlighted micorsurfacing work in the North Rainier Valley/North Beacon Hill neighborhood.

Microsurfacing is SDOT’s cost-effective program to extend the life of pavement on Seattle’s non-arterial streets. Similar to painting a house, microsurfacing creates a protective layer which preserves the underlying structure and prevents the need for more expensive repairs in the future.

“We must protect our transportation assets and extend the lifespan of our streets,” said Mayor Ed Murray. “It makes good fiscal sense, supports safety of drivers and cyclists, and reduces car maintenance. We will continue to bring microsurfacing to more neighborhoods across Seattle.”

Last year, SDOT microsurfaced 27 lane miles. This year the budget was increased by $2.7M for a total of $4.5M and SDOT will microsurface 44 lane miles in four neighborhoods across the city:

In addition, SDOT crews will repair an additional 18 lane miles of streets to prepare for microsurfacing next year.

SDOT crews have spent a great deal of time making repairs to the streets to prepare them for microsurfacing. Shrubs along the roadway and large tree limbs that extended over the roadway were pruned earlier this summer to prevent the equipment from damaging them. Because pavement needs to be in good condition for microsurfacing to be effective, potholes, cracks and other damage were also repaired in advance. More information about this year’s program is available on SDOT’s website, http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/microsurfacing.htm