What Comes to Mind When You Think of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods?

When this department was founded nearly 30 years ago, much of the programming was centered on “community building.” If you look at our current lines of business, community building would still be an appropriate descriptor, but that would also describe so many programs throughout all of the departments in the city. Community building, while a focus within DON, is not exclusive to DON. So what does that mean for us? This is a question that has occupied my thoughts for the last two months.

In my first few months on the job, I have attended neighborhood meetings, community councils, dedications, town halls, retreats, and coffee dates. I’ve asked many people the following: What comes to mind when you think of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods? Some of the responses have made me laugh, some have made me think, and some have felt like a sucker punch. Responses include:

Jim Diers
The future
The 1990s
Heart of the city

So, I ask you this. What comes to mind when YOU think of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods?

Kathy Nyland
Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Director

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