Aug. 6 Parks Buzz: You haven’t been there unless you have a PIC to PROVE it

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@alanamorgenstern @ Gas Works Park
“brynith and sea town”


@sharonstampfl @ Green Lake Park
“Loving the morning walks around Green Lake #nofilter #seattle”


@ohastrid @ Volunteer Park
“Atlas found his happy place.”


@ediscovery_nerd @ Golden Gardens
“The sky was on fire last night at Golden Gardens Beach. #Seattle. #BallardLife”


@nbcheung @ Gas Works Park
“The heat in our apartment drove us outdoors to Gas Works Park where there was actually a nice breeze. You just can’t beat that blue sky, eating watermelon and watching sea planes take off right over your head. Seattle summer at its best. Fingers crossed it’s not our last. #seattle #cheungfamily #gasworkspark”


@robbibt @ Discovery Park
“I got quite a shock when this Barred Owl screeched at me from its tree. Such a beautiful but grumpy bird! #birding”


@heydevonly @ Golden Gardens
“Family and friends and #Seattle”


@snoopyinseattle @ Green Lake Park
“What happens on Green Lake .. #snoopyinseattle #goldenArches #picnic #GreenLake”


@jschreck @ Discovery Park
“here’s my rating of the view from the beach at discovery park: REAL GOOD. #seattle #sky #sunset”


@jenniferptran @ Gas Works Park
“mcdonalds picnic date #jensbirthweek2015″


@maxmorse @ Golden Gardens
“seattle #latergram // 07.19.15″


@lynaecook @ Discovery Park
“check out discovery park in Seattle with @pilgramers #pilgramers_creativeconnect”