Seattle 2035: Join the Conversation

DPD recently released a Draft City of Seattle Comprehensive Plan. Entitled Seattle 2035, the Draft Plan is available for public comment. This important milestone brings the City one step closer to completing an updated Comprehensive Plan – our roadmap for Seattle’s next 20 years.

The Draft Plan is informed by the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) that was released in May 2015. The Draft Plan identifies proposed goals and policies to help achieve our vision for Seattle’s future. Seattle is expected to grow by 120,000 residents and 115,000 jobs in the coming twenty years. The Draft Plan also includes a new Future Land Use Map, showing a pattern of future growth to support the City’s vision.

The City of Seattle is seeking public feedback on proposed goals and policies as we continue to evaluate strategies to build a safe, vibrant, affordable, interconnected, and innovative city for all. City staff has already received hundreds of public comments on the DEIS and on the overall direction of the Plan document.

“The Comprehensive Plan is to be a plan for everyone,” said Diane Sugimura, Director of DPD. “Seattle 2035 anticipates how Seattle may grow, and acknowledges that Seattle demographics, lifestyles, interests and needs are also changing. The Plan seeks to balance our economic, social and environmental needs well into the future. How can we address tomorrow’s issues, today – maintaining our rich cultural diversity in residents and businesses; ensuring our youth have jobs and a place to live; becoming a resilient city prepared for the future? We want to hear from everyone about the directions identified in the Plan.”

DPD is seeking public comments on the Draft Plan during a three-month public comment period, from July 8 through the end of September. Feedback received on the Draft Comprehensive Plan will help inform the Mayor’s Recommended Plan which will be released in late 2015.

Here’s how to join the discussion about Seattle’s future and provide comments:

  1. Check out to learn more about what’s in the Draft Plan and to read the executive summary
  2. Join the Seattle 2035 Online Community Conversation at and discuss the potential pros and cons of proposed policies with other Seattleites
  3. Attend our Draft Plan Public Event this fall – Stay tuned for more details
  4. Follow Seattle 2035 on Facebook and Twitter
  5. Send comments by the end of September:
  • Email: Send comments to
  • Mail: Send comments to the City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development, Attn: Seattle 2035, 700 5th Avenue, Suite 2000, PO Box 34019, Seattle WA 98124-4019.