Seattle Firefighters Battle Walla Walla County Fire















July 22—Seattle Fire Department currently has nine firefighters at the Blue Creek Fire in Walla Walla County. The firefighters are part of a Type 1 Engine Company Strike Team Deployment to Wenatchee, Washington.

The firefighters deployed from Seattle the night of July 20, 2015. The firefighter’s main role in Walla Walla has been to protect structures from the fire.

The Seattle Fire Department has 32 Red Card or Wildland trained firefighters. They have been deployed three times this year. Their first deployment was the Sleepy Hollow Fire in Wenatchee. Eight firefighters, a Battalion Chief and two fire engines deployed to this fire and worked to protect homes and downtown warehouses from the flames.

Earlier this month, four Seattle Firefighters deployed to the Seattle Cedar River Watershed Protection District to work as hand crews alongside Seattle Public Utilities workers.

In 2014 the SFD sent firefighters to the Carlton Complex Fire in Twisp and the Snag Canyon Fire in Ellensburg.