Shaping Seattle: Buildings, Putting Design Review on the Map

Today, the Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD) unveiled its newest online map application, Shaping Seattle: Buildings. The map provides the locations and detailed information on active Seattle development projects that require Design Review.

“Our new map is an interactive opportunity to learn more about what is being built in Seattle, and in your neighborhood,” says Mayor Ed Murray. “It is a great step forward in keeping communities more informed and involved in shaping the growth of our city.”

Whether it’s in your neighborhood or somewhere else, this mobile-friendly map encourages all users to comment on proposed projects. This fosters a more transparent Design Review process that values public outreach.

DPD also wants users to give feedback on the map itself, and how it can be improved in the future. This map improves access to the Design Review process and offers a foundation for including other enhanced features in the near future.

Users of the map can view/download each project’s design specifics, illustrations, permit statuses and upcoming community meetings.

Visit the Shaping Seattle: Buildings map here: