Gas Works Park’s Kite Hill reopens in time for summer

The Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and Seattle Parks and Recreation celebrated the reopening of Kite Hill at Gas Works Park. Photo by the Office of Arts & Culture

The wait is over.

Make your plans for picnics, sightseeing, sunbathing and people watching; Gas Works Park’s Kite Hill reopened on Monday, June 15.

Kite Hill had been closed since Sept. 2, 2014 as Gas Works Park underwent a soil cover project on the hill. The project added a layer of soil and new grass on Kite Hill in advance of an offshore sediment cleanup at the edge of Lake Union. By adding clean soil to Kite Hill the risk of recontamination of the sediments from the surface flow of storm water is minimized. 

For more information on the soil cover project, go here.