Statement on Seattle Police Monitor’s report

Mayor Murray issued the following statement after the Seattle Police Monitor today released his Fifth Semiannual Report on the progress the Seattle Police Department has made under the federal Consent Decree:

“For the second report in a row, the federal monitor describes SPD as demonstrating significant progress. We are developing the policies and training programs that support constitutional policing. While the report is not without criticism, I am proud of how far we have come.

“Chief Kathleen O’Toole continues to drive positive culture change at SPD. We continue to develop and improve use-of-force policies to ensure they reflect best practices and real-world situations. New training for our officers in de-escalating challenging situations and responding to people in crisis is generating praise from the monitor and positive attention from other departments. We will continue to improve our force review process, where we know there is more work to be done.

“Most importantly, we are working to ensure that force is used appropriately, even as our officers are actively fighting crime. Across our city, crime is down 12 percent in early 2015 – that’s admirable progress – during a period when we have experienced no officer-involved shootings. The increasing use of technology across the department, including body cameras and our crime tracking tool, SeaStat, is improving community policing.

“My vision is a department that is a national model for urban policing. In the words of the monitor, ‘There is still significant work ahead, but the SPD is positioned to be a leader in the national reform effort.’ Continued commitment from all the men and women of the department, as well as the gifted leadership of the chief and her executive team, will ensure we cross the goal line.”