City Light staff share knowledge with youth



City Light staff recently got to share information about climate change and career options in the hydroelectric industry, as part of an ongoing effort to encourage interest in science, the trades and environmental issues.

On May 20, Crystal Raymond, Elizabeth Ablow, and Nancy Huizar taught a lesson on climate change and its effects on Pacific Northwest salmon to a classroom of fifth-grade students at the Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School.

Earlier in the year, these students participated in a field trip hosted by Seattle City Light at the Ron Regis Park in Renton, where they learned about the salmon’s life cycle. Following up on that, the team taught students the basics of climate change and how it will likely affect salmon at different life stages.

The team demonstrated the effects of too much carbon in the atmosphere and in the oceans by having students blow carbon dioxide in a jar of water and measuring the acidity. After the activity, they discussed ways to reduce their own impact and potential environmental careers for the future.

Last Thursday, staff at the Skagit Hydroelectric Project hosted a career day and a tour of City Light facilities for a group of Darrington High School students. The group got educational presentations, a boat ride, and toured sites like Ladder Creek and the North Cascades Institute Learning Center, with a tasty lunch at the Gorge Inn to boot.

Staff involved included Alan Ferrara, Steve McClure, Phi Trinh, Vonie Polomis and Colleen McShane.

These and other education and outreach activities are part of City Light’s commitment to providing our community with useful information to make better decisions about energy, conservation, and the protection of our environment.