Seattle Animal Shelter recognizes World Turtle Day

To commemorate tomorrow’s World Turtle Day, which brings attention to turtles and tortoises and encourages human action to help them survive and thrive, the Seattle Animal Shelter is highlighting the turtles it currently has in its care. If you’ve had previous experience with slider turtles or have done extensive research on their care and needs, consider meeting Shelly and Einstein, two red-eared slider turtles currently in foster homes and available for adoption.

“Just like the furry and feathered animals in our care, Shelly and Einstein are waiting for their forever homes,” said Seattle Animal Shelter Director Don Jordan.

The adoption fee for turtles is $15 and includes a certificate for a free exam at local veterinarians. The turtles may be adopted by adults only, and adopters must be prepared to provide proper housing, food, water and other materials necessary for the care and good health of the turtles. Slider turtles grow to be about 12 inches in length and need a large, filtered aquarium with an out-of-water basking area. They should be fed a mix of quality turtle pellets and fresh foods such as kale, mustard greens, winter squash and carrots.

When cared for correctly, red-eared sliders can live 40 to 50 years, so families should consider the turtle’s long lifespan when adopting.

“If you are willing and able to care for them, turtles can make excellent pets,” Jordan said.

Anyone interested in adopting Shelly or Einstein should contact the Seattle Animal Shelter at 206-684-0685 or to learn more and schedule a meet and greet.

The Seattle Animal Shelter, located at 2061 15th Ave. W., is open Tuesday through Sunday, noon to 6 p.m. for adoptions and licensing. For more information, call 206-386-7387 (PETS), or view animals available for adoption online at Adoptable pets are also featured on “Pet of the Week” on the Seattle Channel at