Practice your dance moves, warm up your vocal chords: The buskers are back

Musical group Charlie and the Rays will be performing in Seattle parks this summer as part of the 2015 busker program.

Downtown Seattle has a different feel in the summer.  The sun is out (like all the time) and the parks are bustling with children, tourists and activity.

This summer you’re likely to cross paths with an indie/folk duo sharing their songs in Westlake Park or a juggler dancing her way through Pioneer Square. We know, because we asked them to be there.

Every spring since 2007, Seattle Parks and Recreation has hired a variety of artists to perform in downtown parks in order to make the atmosphere livelier and more welcoming for families, visitors, and lunchgoers. The artists are paid $50 a day to play two-hour sets in their assigned park.

The program was created by Adrienne Caver-Hall, the current recreation program coordinator for Center City Parks.

Duo JC and the Boxer will be performing this summer in Seattle parks as part of the 2015 busker program.

The buskers will begin performing this month and will continue through the end of summer/early fall weather permitting.

Caver-Hall said she was really excited this year to see the number of female performers at auditions.

“We usually see a majority of men downtown, so this is really surprising,” Caver-Hall said. “There’s a lot of women this year, and I love their energy.”

The buskers will be stationed at Freeway Park, Occidental Park, Cal Anderson Park, Hing Hay Park, Westlake Park and Bell Street Park. They will also make appearances at special events like Family Fun Days, Outdoor Movies, the Belltown Art Walk and more.

“This year’s buskers have really raised the bar,” Caver-Hall said. “I think the public is going to be very impressed with their level of talent.”

For more information on the busker program, please visit the program’s Facebook page.