City Light Plans Duct Bank Repair Near Broadway at East Pike Street on Capitol Hill

City Light crews are planning work in the Capitol Hill neighborhood near Broadway and East Pike Street to repair a damaged underground duct bank. The project will ensure increased electrical capacity in the future and allow the continued use of the duct bank.

Starting Sunday, May 17 and extending for approximately two weeks, crews will be excavating along the west side of Broadway just south of East Pike Street. See map below for approximate construction area. Daily works hours are planned from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Though no maintenance power outages are planned, there will be impacts in the immediate work area. The southbound travel lane on Broadway will be rerouted to the northbound turn lane. Seattle Police Department officers will be onsite to assist in directing traffic during hours of construction. Pedestrians using sidewalks on the west side of Broadway between East Union Street and East Pike Street should expect local access only. Multiple crews are required to do the work. Parking will be reserved to stage trucks along the south side of East Pike Street between Harvard Avenue and Broadway.

For more information, customers can contact Richard Ohashi, Electrical Service Representative, at 206-386-1674, or visit