Crack sealing to start mid-May

We’re maintaining streets to prolong pavement life

Now that our weather is becoming drier and warmer, the Seattle Department of Transportation is preparing to roll out crack-seal crews and equipment. If weather is warm and dry next week, crews will begin this seasonal work, applying low-tack sealant to pavement cracks to keep water from seeping under the street surface, helping to prevent potholes and other roadway damage. Crack-sealing continues throughout the summer.

The crack-filling work will be done at these locations:


35th Avenue NE – between NE 135th Street and NE 65th Street

NE 65th Street – between 35th Avenue NE and NE Ravenna Boulevard

Rainier Avenue S – between S Orcas Street and S Genesee Street

Rainier Avenue S – between S Walden Street and S McClellan Street

Roosevelt Way NE – between NE 75th Street and Pinehurst Way NE

Pinehurst Way NE – between Roosevelt Way NE and 15th Avenue NE

Madison Street – between 7th Avenue (I-5) and 18th Avenue

Elliott Avenue W – between Denny Way and W Galer Street

SW Admiral Way – between Olga Street and California Avenue SW

California Avenue SW – between SW Admiral Way and SW Edmunds Street


Crews install “No Parking” signs on both sides of the street approximately 72 hours prior to the start of work, so the appearance of these signs is a good indication of when work will start on a particular street. The parking restrictions will be in effect from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., and will be removed as soon as the work is done, typically done within a day.

Crews will close one lane at a time for approximately 3-4 hours for the operation and to allow the sealant to set.  Traffic flaggers will assist and sidewalks will remain open at all times.