Seeking Feedback for Seattle’s Ballard Urban Design and Coordinated Transportation Study

In response to ongoing development, the community’s desire to retain Ballard’s character, and Sound Transit’s planning for light rail to Ballard, DPD and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) are working with neighborhood groups organized as the Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth. Through Move Ballard, we will engage community members to recommend innovative solutions for enhancing the transportation environment for all, regardless of how they travel to and through the area. The collaboration will develop an Urban Design Framework and a Multimodal Transportation Plan that articulate a shared vision. The collaboration will also develop strategies to guide future development and transportation investment while ensuring Ballard’s people and places thrive.

We are hosting a community meeting, on May 7, to:

  • Provide comments on the draft recommendations to better guide development.
  • Identify and prioritize near-term improvements for all forms of transportation in the Ballard.
  • Evaluate and prioritize potential future high capacity transit (e.g. light rail, streetcar) station locations while preserving and supporting industrial and commercial employment in Ballard.

Tell us what you think about the future of transportation and growth in Ballard.


We have learned that the community loves Ballard’s historic qualities and its tradition of industry. Many appreciate the growth of shops and restaurants, but are also concerned that some new buildings do not contribute to Ballard’s character. There are also worries about affordability and that transportation improvements have not kept pace with growth. Over the past year, the community has helped develop recommendations to shape development, streetscape and open space in downtown Ballard.

Questions? Comments?

Department of Planning and Development

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Seattle Department of Transportation

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