Mayor Ed Murray: I stand behind our maritime industry

Following up on today’s announcement from the Seattle Department of Planning and Development regarding Terminal 5, Mayor Ed Murray issued this additional statement:

While I disagree with the port’s decision to service off-shore oil drilling rigs in Seattle, I stand behind our maritime industry and support continued success for the Port and maritime businesses in our community. The City’s review of the activity proposed at Terminal 5 is based on the facts specific to that proposal and the permits that have been issued in the past for Terminal 5. The City’s interpretation has no direct bearing on activities that may be occurring at the Port’s other facilities.

The Port and its tenants provide thousands of family-wage jobs, adding needed diversity to our region’s economy. Sustainable fishing in the North Pacific is part of our proud Northwest heritage, and will be for generations to come. The Port’s cargo terminals are a critical international gateway for manufactured and agricultural products from all around Washington and across the country. I will continue to fight for funding for the Lander Street overpass down in Olympia, which will help freight access the Port’s cargo terminals. The Port’s success is critical to our region’s success.

The City is willing to help the Port identify other uses for Terminal 5 and recruit other businesses partners who may be interested in the property on a short-term basis. Seattle’s economy is booming and the demand for real estate continues to accelerate. Now is the time for the Port and the City to partner with the clean technology companies of tomorrow, rather than the polluting industries of yesterday.