Seattle Mayor Murray’s statement on House Transportation Proposal

Mayor Murray issued the following statement on the House’s release of a transportation package yesterday:

“I continue to be encouraged by the state legislature’s recognition of our state’s dire need for transportation investments.

The package released yesterday by the House of Representatives under the leadership of House Transportation Chair Judy Clibborn builds on what the Senate passed a few weeks ago. The inclusion of funding for the westside of 520 is good news for Seattle. The House proposal also invests $1.29 billion in multimodal funds, which is a nearly $500 million improvement over the Senate package. I will continue to tirelessly advocate for increasing the funding allocation for the Lander street overcrossing, because it is crucial to improving freight mobility in Seattle’s SODO industrial area.

The House package correctly acknowledges the critical importance of Sound Transit 3 funding authorization at the $15 billion level. Sound transit needs this full authority to continue to meet the tremendous public demand for expanding light rail to reach regional destinations including Everett, Tacoma, Downtown Redmond, while also providing additional capacity within the City of Seattle with connections to Ballard and West Seattle. Anything less than full authority would rule out voter consideration of some of those priorities.

Finally, I was pleased to see that the House removed the restrictions placed by the Senate on our collective efforts to address climate change.  I thank the House for recognizing this, and also for removing the sales tax exemption.

I remain eager to work with lawmakers and the Governor in a bipartisan, bicameral way to ensure that a transportation package reflective of our values is passed and signed into law this session.”