Mayor, City Attorney issue statement following passage state marijuana bill, Senate Bill 5502

Mayor Ed Murray and Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes issued the following statements upon passage of the bipartisan Patient Protection Act, SB 5052.

“Passage of Senate Bill 5052 is a positive step forward. Seattle now has clear guidance from the State as the City of Seattle develops its own regulatory framework to maintain a safe and legal marijuana market in our city. It is important to note that more needs to be done in future legislation to protect the privacy and rights of medical marijuana patients. Over the coming weeks, I will be working with community stakeholders, City Attorney Holmes and the Seattle City Council on developing policies to implement this legislation.”
— Seattle Mayor Murray

“This legislation restructures the I-502 licensing system to accommodate medical marijuana providers, phases out unlicensed marijuana dispensaries, and gives medical marijuana patients access to legal, tested, regulated, and labeled marijuana products. I’m pleased to see the legislature strike a fair balance between strengthening I-502’s pioneering effort to legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana and protecting patients’ access to medicinal products and ability to home grow. I look forward to working with the Mayor, City Council, and other stakeholders to fully implement this legislation in Seattle.”
— Seattle City Attorney Holmes