City Light System Reliability Work Will Impact Traffic on State Route 99, April 12

Seattle City Light
Fiber Optic Upgrade Will Cause Rolling Slowdowns Near Boeing Field


Seattle City Light is enhancing the reliability of its electrical system by upgrading the communications link between two south end substations and its system control center.

The work requires pulling fiber optic communications cable across State Route 99 near Boeing Field. All work is being coordinated with the Washington State Department of Transportation

The work is planned for Sunday, April 12, from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. Crews and equipment will be positioned to avoid having the cable touch the ground. However, rolling slowdowns on State Route 99 and traffic escorts through the construction zone are necessary for motorist and worker safety. There will be up to seven 15-minute rolling slowdowns during the 5-hour period.

Drivers are advised to carefully abide by traffic restrictions and consider using alternate routes during construction. Normal traffic flow will follow once the project is complete.

Besides enhancing communication capabilities by keeping the system control center in touch with substations, the new fiber optics are required to monitor lights on newly placed towers near I-5.