Seattle 2035: Civic Planning, Past, Present and Future

Reflecting on history is an important aspect of Seattle 2035, the update to Seattle’s comprehensive plan. Over 100 people gathered on March 19 at MOHAI to do just that at “Seattle 2035: Civic Planning, Past, Present and Future,” the latest edition of MOHAI’s History Café. Historian Jennifer Ott offered a brief overview of post-war planning and moderated a panel that included Diane Sugimura, Director of Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development; Greg Nickels, former City of Seattle Mayor; and Rebecca Saldaña, the Executive Director of Puget Sound Sage.

The panel explored topics and policies that have shaped the city’s past and are still important today as we plan for the city’s growth over next 20 years. Greg Nickels noted past mistakes in efforts to build mass transit. Diane Sugimura reflected on the process to create the city’s first plan under the Growth Management Act in 1994. Rebecca Saldana noted issues of equity continue to loom large in the Rainer Valley.

Audience members polled throughout the evening members revealed a preference for mass transit, larger open spaces, and an even distribution of single-family and multi-family housing.

History Cafe is just one of the many events over the next year where people can learn more about Seattle 2035. Visit to sign up for updates and catch up on past events.