Looking Toward the Future & Listening for New Voices in Shaping Policy in Seattle

The City of Seattle is one of seven finalists for City Accelerator competition focused on civic engagement. City Accelerator is an initiative of Living Cities and the Citi Foundation. Seattle’s engagement proposal focuses on the Seattle Comprehensive Plan.

We are looking to engage Seattle residents as we update our Comprehensive Plan. Seattle anticipates 120,000 new residents and 115,000 new jobs over the next 20 years. Seattle’s proposal is to create an inclusive, scalable, and adaptive path for growth through more effective public engagement. We want people to be engaged in the entire process—from planning to implementation. The City Accelerator would help Seattle design and implement its approach and structures that would sustain it over time.

If City Accelerator chooses Seattle’s project, they will help us:

  • Design and implement effective engagement strategies
  • Improve upon existing structures and networks for engagement
  • Evaluate impact and process
  • Build a better “back end” for engagement
  • Tell a good story
  • Build muscles for inclusive engagement

You can help influence the final decision. Visit the City Accelerator site, rate our video, and tell us what you think by April 3!