Minimum Wage and Labor Standards

As Seattle’s new minimum wage ordinance takes effect, the Office of Economic Development would like to provide a set of resources for employers and workers to learn about the protections that the City of Seattle provides to workers in Seattle.

Office of Labor Standards

The City of Seattle created the Office of Labor Standards (OLS) within the Office for Civil Rights to increase equity and establish a fair and healthy economy for workers, businesses and residents. OLS enforces Seattle’s labor standards ordinances to protect workers and educate employers on their responsibilities. The OLS site provides resources for employers and workers to submit question or violations.

Minimum Wage

Seattle’s minimum wage ordinance will increase in the minimum wage in the City of Seattle to $15 an hour, phased in over time. The ordinance allows for different wage-increase schedules for large and small employers over the next several years.

Paid Sick and Safe Time

Employees in the City of Seattle accrue paid sick and paid safe time for use when an employee or family member needs to take time off from work due to illness or a critical safety issue.

Job Assistance

The City of Seattle sets limits on how employers can use conviction and arrest records for jobs within City limits.

Administrative Wage Theft

The City of Seattle provides Seattle workers with additional protections from wage theft. OLS can investigate workers’ complaints of nonpayment of wages and tips, creating an administrative process for addressing wage theft complaints.