Mayor Murray prohibits Indiana travel for City employees

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray today announced his decision to prohibit the use of City funds for travel by all City employees on City business to the State of Indiana after the passage of S.B. 101. The new law, which was signed by Governor Pence on Thursday, March 26, has the potential to legalize discrimination against LGBT people and others based on religious beliefs.

“Seattleites know that discrimination has no place in our City – that’s just equality ‘101’,” said Mayor Ed Murray.

“Indiana’s S.B. 101 doesn’t reflect the values of our City. Seattle has been a leader in the fight to protect civil rights and ensure equality for all people – no matter who you are, or who you love,” said Mayor Murray. “This is why I am ordering that none of our taxpayer dollars should go toward supporting this discriminatory law. To those in Indiana today who are working hard in the fight for equality – know that Seattle stands with you as you continue your efforts to end discrimination and protect civil rights for everyone.”

To formalize the Mayor’s decision, he will be issuing an executive order next week. The order will ban City employees from work-related and city-funded travel to the State of Indiana. The Mayor will also direct all departments to conduct a review of current City contracts to identify if there are any contracts the City has with businesses headquartered in Indiana.