Industrial Lands Policy Discussion

DPD is hosting a series of meetings in March to discuss proposed industrial lands policies that are part of Seattle 2035 – the City’s major comprehensive plan update. DPD is considering specific land use policies for designated Manufacturing and Industrial Centers (M/IC) that will preserve these areas for ongoing industrial use. The proposed policies would limit the potential for converting property to non-industrial uses unless specific criteria are met.

“The meetings are an opportunity to discuss how well the policies serve regional and citywide job centers along with local neighborhood objectives.” said Nathan Torgelson, deputy director of DPD.  “It’s a careful balance in some areas of the city.”

The meetings are intended to explore proposed M/IC land use policy amendments that emerged from a 2013 study of the Greater Duwamish Manufacturing and Industrial Center. While the draft policies were developed while working with a stakeholder group focusing on the Greater Duwamish M/IC, they are currently being considered for all designated M/ICs on a citywide basis as part of Seattle 2035.

The purpose of the outreach meetings is to discuss the application of the proposed policies to all designated M/ICs. These meetings are an opportunity for you to share with City staff any issues or concerns related to how these policies will work in specific areas. City staff will share public input received during City Council deliberations on the policies as part of the major comprehensive plan update early in 2016.

In addition to the land use policy discussion, draft findings from the Local Production Study and information on the Freight Master Plan will be available at each meeting.

Attend one of our Community Meetings:

Tuesday, March 3
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Ballard High School
1418 NW 65th St

Wednesday, March 11
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Q Café
3223 15th Ave. W

Thursday, March 12
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
South Seattle Community College Georgetown Campus
Rm C-122
6737 Corson Avenue South

What is the effect of the proposed Industrial Land Use Policies?

If implemented, the proposed land use policies would apply to all designated M/IC lands and would mean:

  1. No new Industrial Commercial (IC) zoning would be allowed in a designated M/IC
  2. Land could not be removed from a designated Manufacturing / Industrial Center unless:
    • The proposed use for the land is identified
    • There is insufficient appropriately zoned land elsewhere in the city for the proposed use
    • The proposed use would not displace an existing industrial use
    • The proposed use would not adversely affect nearby industrial operations


The City Council will consider specific recommendations for industrial lands policies in 2016 as part of the major Comprehensive Plan update.

For more information, visit DPD’s website at or contact:

Tom Hauger
(206) 684-8380