Powerful Neighborhoods Brings Energy Efficient Lighting to 70,000 Homes

Hung Ngo from Ecova installs an energy efficient bulb as part of the Powerful Neighborhoods program.

Seattle City Light’s Powerful Neighborhoods conservation program has reached 70,000 customers in the past four years, saving enough energy to power nearly 2,800 homes and saving our customers about $2 million a year.

The program, which started in 2010 with federal stimulus funds, hired contractors to visit customers at their homes to install energy-efficient light bulbs, efficient showerheads and faucet aerators. It focused specifically on reaching customers in low-income areas, senior citizens, and ethnic communities, who historically have not benefitted directly from conservation incentive programs. In 2012, the program shifted direction to apartment and condominium buildings.

As of February, 50,000 apartments and condos have been served. Combined with the 20,000 single-family homes served in the first two years of the program, 70,000 City Light customers have directly received energy efficiency upgrades. Another 12,000 homes are anticipated to be served by the end of 2015.

“Having our property participate in Seattle City Light’s Powerful Neighborhoods program was great,” said Jeff Dixon, assistant community manager at the Cambridge at Bitterlake Apartments. “Everyone was impressed with the professionalism of the Seattle City Light team and our residents are very happy with the new energy saving lights and showerheads in their units.”

Powerful Neighborhoods installed 1,474 compact fluorescent light bulbs at the apartment complex for seniors and coordinated with a PSE program to provide showerhead installations during the same appointment.

After installing more than half a million compact fluorescent light bulbs, Powerful Neighborhoods is now exclusively using LED bulbs as replacements for incandescent bulbs. The program now also delivers advanced power strips to residents who request them. The strips prevent wasted energy from idle electronic equipment.

Ruben Bertoni of Ecova explains a smart power strip he delivered to Maria Cabrales as part of the Powerful Neighborhoods program.

For information on the program or to sign your building up for an installation, visit seattle.gov/light/install, send an e-mail toSCL_Install@seattle.gov, or call (877) 311-8752.