Murray statement on Senate Transportation Revenue Proposal

Mayor Murray issued the following statement on the statewide transportation package introduced by the State Senate today in Olympia:

“I am pleased that Senate leaders have acknowledged the need for new revenue to fix our state’s transportation system and proposed a transportation package that will actually raise these new dollars.

Today’s proposal is a good first step, but it can be better. While it’s encouraging that the Senate proposal includes regional taxing authority to expand Sound Transit’s light rail system – I will continue to fight for the full local taxing authority requested by the region. I also believe that the package can go farther to support local freight projects such as the Lander Street overcrossing in Seattle’s SODO industrial area.

Being an economic lifeline for the region, the inclusion of funding for the Westside of SR-520 is good news for Seattle. The multimodal funds in the proposal will also benefit the City as we update our infrastructure to provide more transportation choices for our growing population.

As the legislature debates this proposal and negotiations continue, I am eager to work with lawmakers and the Governor in a bipartisan, bicameral way to improve the measure and hammer out an agreement that will get Washington – and Seattle – moving.”