New Interim Protected Bike Lane Opens on South End of Roosevelt Way NE

SDOT today opened a new interim protected bike lane along the west side of Roosevelt Way NE between NE 45th Street and the University Bridge. Protected bike lanes physically separate people riding bikes from people driving and are distinct from the sidewalk, adding predictability. Protected bike lanes are especially attractive to people who might be willing to bicycle but are concerned about safely biking on arterial roadways. Permanent bike lane will be part of Roosevelt repaving occurring in Fall 2015.

Between October 2010 and October 2014, 21 collisions involving people riding bikes have occurred on this corridor. The new facility will enhance safety through a seven-foot-wide lane with a five-foot buffer that includes white posts. Driving or parking in the new bike lane is not allowed and temporary “No Parking” signs will remain in place until permanent signs and remaining green bike boxes are installed.

In fall 2015, SDOT will start repaving Roosevelt Way NE and add important safety improvements from Fuhrman Avenue NE to NE 65th Street. Along with addressing basic maintenance needs, SDOT is creating a multi-modal corridor by: improving transit reliability through transit stop consolidation and the addition of in-lane stops (pending funding availability); repairing sidewalks and adding curb bulbs and wheelchair ramps; and making bicycling safer and more comfortable. The two existing general purpose lanes will remain, as well as on-street parking on the east side. These changes will make Roosevelt feel more like a neighborhood business street and less like an alternative to I-5.

The paving project will also improve the bike connection from Roosevelt on to the University Bridge by adjusting the medians between northbound and southbound Roosevelt to accommodate existing travel lanes and a continuous permanent bicycle lane. An in-lane bus stop and passenger load zone at the U.W. Medical Clinic will be constructed in a way that meets the needs of transit riders, medical clinic patients and people riding bikes. The permanent bike facility’s buffer will be reduced to four feet wide along the corridor, adding an extra foot to the east side parking lane.

Outreach is underway to residents and businesses along Roosevelt Way NE to understand their access needs and determine how they can continue to be met during construction and with the addition of a one-way protected bike lane. In addition to door-to–door outreach, one last drop-in sessions is scheduled today from 5:30 – 7 p.m. at University Heights, 5031 University Way NE.

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