Reorganizing the Seattle Mixed Zone

DPD has amended the Seattle Mixed zone (Land Use Code Chapter 23.48) several times, most recently to apply the zone in South Lake Union.

In addition to South Lake Union, the zone lays out general development requirements for the West Dravus area and the North Rainier Hub Urban Village.

Currently, provisions related to specific neighborhoods are interspersed throughout the zone’s main chapter, which has made the zone difficult to understand and use.

We are proposing to reorganize the chapter into subchapters consisting of general standards that apply in all Seattle Mixed zones and neighborhood- and location-specific standards that apply unique provisions to the neighborhoods. Our goals for this effort consist of the following:

  • Simplify requirements and related procedures by making minor modifications to the existing language
  • Simplify the chapter by making it clear where provisions apply
  • Provide the ability to tailor and incorporate neighborhood-specific provisions based on the community’s vision for urban form and future use
  • Establish an organizational format that allows future areas to be rezoned as Seattle Mixed in a more methodical and consistent manner

We welcome your comments on our proposal.

For questions or comments, please contact:

Ryan Moore, Senior Planner
(206) 233-2537