Reminder: Plans Submitted for Electronic Review Must Include Space for Approval Stamp

Since DPD started the electronic plan pilot (the DPD Project Portal), we have instructed applicants to a dedicated space for approval stamps, preferably in the lower right hand corner of each plan sheet. Beginning January 5, we will reject all plan sets that do not include this dedicated space.  Please set up your projects’ plan sets with this space for approval stamps to ensure that we accept your drawings for review. The space dedicated for the approval stamps has to be in the same exact place on each sheet and should be approximately 4.5” wide and 1” tall, or 2.5” wide and 2” tall, to leave room for two stamps. The space can be in your title block or in the drawing space, but the lower right corner is preferred.

For more information, contact:

Cindy Hoover
(206) 233-2554