Seattle City Light Rate Changes Go Into Effect Jan. 1

Seattle City Light is investing in its operations to maintain reliable, environmentally responsible electricity service for our customers and to enhance the services provided in several key areas, outlined in a six-year Strategic Plan unanimously approved by the City Council.

This work is designed to improve customers’ experience and rate predictability, increase workforce performance and safety practices, enhance organizational performance and continue our conservation and environmental leadership as the nation’s greenest utility.

To pay for those investments and the rising costs of goods and services, the Strategic Plan also outlines modest anticipated rate increases through 2020. Those changes take effect Jan. 1 of each year.

“Investing in critical infrastructure improvements, service enhancements and regular maintenance are important steps in continuing to provide our customer-owners with the reliable power they depend upon,” General Manager and CEO Jorge Carrasco said. “Even with the rate changes for 2015, City Light will still deliver great value, offering the lowest cost electricity for any large city in the country.”  

For 2015, City Light’s rate increases average 4.2 percent across all customer classes.

  Total Residential Small Medium Large High Demand
All Areas 4.2%      3.8% 4.8%    3.9%    3.7%      5.6%
City 4.5%      3.5% 4.6%    4.4%    5.6%      6.2%
Network 2.1%        2.7%    1.6%  
Shoreline 4.2%      3.9% 5.6%    4.2%    5.3%
Tukwila 4.3%      5.2% 4.9%    4.1%    5.4%      3.4%
Other Suburbs 5.4%      5.6% 5.9%    3.7%    5.6%  


A complete set of individual rate schedules will be available online, starting Jan. 1.

Additionally, City Light has simplified the rate structure for streetlighting from 119 classifications to 18. These changes go into effect at the same time.

Rate Code  Description 2015 Rate
MRL1 Monthly Residential LED $8.45
MAH1 Monthly Arterial HPS $20.20
MAL1 Monthly Arterial LED $11.59
MFH1 Monthly Floodlight HPS $17.82
MDH1 Monthly Decorative/Misc. HPS $22.22
MDL1 Monthly Decorative/Misc. LED $21.85
MMH1 Monthly Customer owned, city maintained HPS $12.85
MML1 Monthly Customer owned, city maintained LED $4.10
MEA1 Monthly Customer owned and maintained $4.25
BRL1 Bi-Monthly Residential LED $16.91
BAH1 Bi-Monthly Arterial HPS $40.39
BAL1 Bi-Monthly Arterial LED $23.18
BFH1 Bi-Monthly Floodlight HPS $35.64
BDH1 Bi-Monthly Decorative/Misc. HPS $44.45
BDL1 Bi-Monthly Decorative/Misc. LED $43.69
BMH1 Bi-Monthly Customer owned, city maintained HPS $25.69
BML1 Bi-Monthly Customer owned, city maintained LED $8.21
BEA1 Bi-Monthly Customer owned and maintained $8.50