Seattle 2035’s New Schedule Gives More Time to Plan Our Future

Our Seattle 2035 project schedule is changing. The new schedule gives us more time to work with you to develop a new Comprehensive Plan for Seattle. However, we’ll need to make some changes this year to keep our current plan compliant with the State’s Growth Management Act.  Over the next two years, Council will take two actions to update the Comprehensive Plan:

  • Adopt the new, Seattle 2035 Plan in 2016. Throughout 2015, we’ll work through some tough challenges with you. We’ll team up with major policy initiatives such as the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda, Move Seattle, Equitable Development Initiative, and the new Metro Park District to make sure the plan is headed in the right direction. These changes will include a preferred pattern of future growth and new policies. Other changes will make the plan easier to understand and use. The Mayor will finalize his recommendations at the end of 2015, and Council will deliberate and adopt a new plan in 2016.
  • Adopt limited changes to the current plan in 2015. We’ll make some changes to the current plan as part of the annual amendment process. These changes include new citywide growth estimates for 2035, updated inventories, and estimates of future demand for housing, transportation, and capital facilities.

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