Mayor signs city budget

Mayor Ed Murray released the following statement when he signed the City of Seattle’s 2015-2016 budget today:

“I’m pleased to sign this city budget. While no budget can be perfect given our limited resources, this effort is the result of a collaborative process with the City Council. When I sent the council my budget, I knew they would make meaningful improvements to my proposal. I appreciate the thoughtful approach councilmembers have taken this year.

This budget makes a significant investment in public safety, providing funding for new officers to augment community policing efforts and a new aid car to respond to health emergencies.

We’re funding our new Office of Labor Standards that will protect workers and enforce our city’s progressive wage and benefit rules. And our new Priority Hire program will provide more opportunities for area residents to enter a career in the trades as they work on public construction projects.

Our transportation budget does more to focus on delivering more of what city residents expect: street paving, sidewalks and bike routes. Voters stepped up in November to invest in transit, and we will work with Metro to address overcrowding and delays on bus routes throughout the city.

I believe that the Seattle Preschool Program, implemented through our new Seattle Department of Education and Early Learning, will literally change the lives of hundreds and soon thousands of kids all across this city. We are working collaboratively with Seattle Public Schools and diverse community representatives to develop our implementation plan, which we will deliver to the council in February.

This budget makes compassionate investments in human services for victims of domestic violence, people living on our streets and those struggling with hunger. We will continue to look at how we can continue to address these immediate needs while finding pathways out of poverty, homelessness and violence.

Moving forward, we will continue to implement my vision for performance management of our city’s services. Seattle residents want to know that we are measuring outcomes, getting value for our investments and making data-driven decisions that improve our programs.