“Iggy Azalea” the Iguana Joins Pacific Science Center Exhibit

The Seattle Animal Shelter has been working on a partnership with the Pacific Science Center to showcase reptiles available for adoption. The center currently has snakes, a western painted turtle and a leopard gecko, and it aims to diversify its collection, increase its species knowledge and share that information with the public.

The first animal to join the museum will be an iguana named “Iggy Azalea” (see photo below). Iggy will be living in a large habitat with on-site caretakers. Pacific Science Center will provide basic info about Iggy, and anyone interested in adopting her will be directed back to the Seattle Animal Shelter.

We are excited to add Pacific Science Center to our foster network and look forward to introducing more critters to the public through this unique partnership!

For more information about our foster critter program, visit our website or email sasfostercritters@gmail.com.