No Link light rail service on Nov. 15 for system upgrades

Sound Transit

November 3, 2014

Free special airport express bus and Rainier Valley buses to operate along route

Link light rail service will be suspended on Saturday, Nov. 15, as contractors install and test upgraded control systems as part of the University Link light rail extension that opens in early 2016. The upgraded control systems will ensure continued system reliability and safety as the line extends 3.1 miles north to Capitol Hill and the University of Washington. Due to the extent of the upgrades, Sound Transit cannot install and test the system during the four-hour overnight window that the system is normally closed to passenger service.

Sound Transit and King County Metro will operate special free bus services along the light rail route and special airport express buses will operate between downtown Seattle and Sea-Tac International Airport.

A special free King County Metro bus route 97 will serve all downtown Seattle stations and all stations from Columbia City to the airport. Due to surface street construction, the 97 will not serve the Beacon Hill and Mt. Baker light rail stations. Regular King County Metro routes will serve the Mt. Baker and Beacon Hill station areas. A special free Sound Transit Express bus route 97A will operate express service between downtown Seattle near Westlake Mall and the airport.

Riders should plan ahead and expect longer travel times than during normal light rail operations.