Mayor Murray declares victory on Transit Proposition 1

Mayor Murray released the following statement on the passage of Transit Proposition 1:

“Great cities need great mass transit – and Seattle is a great city.

Seattle voters understand that, and today’s passage of Prop 1 is the next step to getting the transit system that Seattle wants and that Seattle needs. With today’s vote, we are now able to do something that has eluded elected leaders of this City for decades, and that’s significantly add to existing transit service in Seattle.

Better transit will help everyone who lives, works or visits Seattle, while helping us grow our economy, reduce traffic delays and protect our environment.  This funding will help us improve bus service to South Lake Union, West Seattle, Ballard, UW and neighborhoods throughout the city.

Seattle voters have entrusted us with new resources, and taxpayers must have confidence that they will get value for their money. I pledge that the City will use this money responsibly. We are working with Metro on strict accountability measures that ensure that this funding is used to improve transit services here in Seattle in areas of greatest need.”